Bemer therapy
Physical Therapy
Feldenkrais Method
The Anat Baniel Method for Children
Myofascial release
Equine rehabilitation and wellness
Move Better with Age

Some examples of conditions I can help you with:
(call if your condition is not below, if we cannot help you, we can refer you to somebody who can)

Pain Relief:   
Most chronic pain is caused by faulty movement habits. Learn new habits of movements to eliminate pain for good. One typical
example of chronic pain is back pain, and more specifically sacroiliac joint pain. Let me show you what you are doing unconsciously
to create that pain, so that you can stop doing it and relearn how to move free of pain.

Trying to avoid Surgery?
Recuperate your range of motion, strength and endurance without pain, or even avoid surgery altogether. We can discuss your

Scars treatment:
Do you know that a scar can be the cause of pain and/or musculoskeletal dysfunction?  We tend to underestimate the impact of
scars on our movement. You will be amazed at how much better you can move when the scar adhesions are loosened through gentle
myofascial release, restoring free motion of the previously restricted body segment. As scar adhesions are released, the visible scar
may become less prominent and defined.

You spend 8 hours a day working, doesn't it make sense to optimize your work environment?
We can assess your work space to make sure it supports you in what you are doing. See our
ergonomics page for more details.

Infants with special needs:
The Feldenkrais Method and Anat Baniel Method provide a novel approach to helping children move better through use of the latest
research in brain plasticity.

Rider biomechanics
Learn how to improve your comfort in the saddle, and finally ride the way you want to by learning how to  move better.

Move better with Age!  Sounds impossible?  I move better now than when I started with the Feldenkrais method 20 years ago.  You
can learn you how to move better, improve your flexibility and eliminate your pain.

Women's health
Recover from pregnancy and delivery. Sounds funny? Pregnancy requires a gradual change in your posture followed by an abrupt
change when  you deliver your baby. If you had a C-section, there is also the recovery from the surgery.  All that while you are
taking care of an infant,...and barely sleeping. I can help you identify what changes your body made to make the pregnancy
possible, and show you how to  get your body and posture back.  

I have helped :
-Office workers learn to work without neck pain
- A 75 year old man learn how to easily get up from a chair again
-A rider learn how to ride without pain again
-A woman recovering from breast cancer move freely by gently loosening her scars
-a runner learn how to run faster without hip and back pain
-a golfer learn how to play without pain and improved his game at the same time...