Ergonomics for Small Businesses

Repetitive motion injuries and cumulative trauma disorders are real threats to your employees' productivity.
We can help your employees prevent these serious conditions. Our ergonomic programs are administered
by Catherine Wycoff, a physical Therapist and Feldenkrais practitioner with 25
+ years of experience and a
certification as an ergonomics assessment specialist. Our goal is to help you keep your workplace safe and
accident free.

"Ask the Expert" ergonomic topics

Cost: $200 per hour
These brown bag lectures can be presented to your employees at the worksite.
•        "How to make your cubicle fit you"
•        "Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and repetitive stress injuries"
•        "Preventing Back Injuries"
•        "Injury Prevention in the Workplace"
•        “ Neck comfort”

Ergonomics workplace programs
Contact Catherine for services listed below.

Job site analysis
We can provide your company with in-depth job site analysis. We will identify the possible risks to your
employees health and wellness and show you or your health director how to make your job site safe and
reduce your employees risk of injury.

Individual ergonomic assessment
This assessment is ideal for injured employees who are returning to, or who are continuing to work, despite
injury. We work with employees to properly set up their work stations. The assessment includes proper
positioning of equipment (computer, desk or workbench), body mechanics and proper working postures.

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